Study on Policies and Good Practices for migrants and refugees' social and labour integration

This study represents the first Intellectual Output of the MigrEmpower project and it provides a clear overview of the state of play of migrants and refugees’ social and labour integration in all partner countries (Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Germany, Austria and France). It serves as a starting point for the MigrEmpower itinerary which will be implemented in the following months and it collects and describes policies, legislations, and good practices currently implemented in each partner country.

Apart from the overall report, in this section you can find the National Report (in English and in partner languages) per each project country, in order to know in-depth the several contexts encompassing the MigrEmpower partnership.

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Orientation and counselling handbook for migrants and refugees’ self-evaluation of competences

Here you can find the manual of the handbook on orientation and counselling services, which can help professionals working with migrants and/or refugees to make their assessment of competences. The manual will also be helpful in identifying needs and competences, including those implicit and provide support in recognizing barriers and obstacles in the relationship between cultures of belonging/framework of reception.

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Guidelines for planning and carrying out actions aimed at promoting migrants and refugees’ employability

This section is tailored to the needs of migrants and refugees in order to promote and support their employability. Among others, you can read about an introduction on the legal framework of European and national context in relation to the migrants and refugees’ employability, download and read the guidelines on how to create networks aimed at increasing the efficiency of the labour insertion processes and methods of setting up business start-up.

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The synthesis of the MigrEmpower itinerary is addressed to counsellors working in the field of migration and refugees and it aims to offer to the reader an easier overview over the MigrEmpower itinerary, which foresees three main components, each of them corresponding to a project final output: The first stage of the MigrEmpower itinerary is the Orientation and Counselling phase (Intellectual Output 2). It focuses on participants’ first needs analysis, self-evaluation and balance of competences and qualifications.

This document begins with a summary of the methodologies of each of the three stages. Moreover, it presents the piloting phase in the partner organisations: the participants’ profile, their reasons for participation, the results achieved and challenges and modifications. The synthesis closes with tips for implementing counsellors. As the aim of this document is to provide an overview over the MigrEmpower itinerary, some content might appear in a simplified or shortened manner. A complete guide to each phase of the itinerary can be found in the respective final versions.

English Synthesis Greek Synthesis Spanish Synthesis Italian Synthesis German Synthesis French Synthesis


The 3 infographics below have been developed in order to provide significant information on the project in a visual manner. Specifically, the first infographic illustrates the whole MigrEmpower itinerary and the activities that have been undertaken during the project's duration. The second infographic presents a definition and the risks of undeclared work, while the sectors that are most affected and the consequences of it are also summarised. The third infographic is a representation of the advantages, disadvantages and the steps towards creating a Start-up for migrants. Please click below to access all three documents as PDF files.

Infographics 1 Infographics 2 Infographics 3