18th of June 2019, Rome (Italy)

The final event of the MigrEmpower project in Rome (Italy) was hosted by the partner organization Cooperativa Sociale San Saturnino onlus.

The Final Conference took place in the morning with all partners’ participation. It was coordinated by Mrs Gabriella Fabrizi. After the speech by Marilena Nocente – the president of SANSAT, addressed the following issues during presentations:

  • Aims and activities of the project, explained by the project manager (Mrs Chiara Assirelli Pandolfi)
  • The “Study on policies and good practices addressed to migrants and refugees’ social and labour integration” results (presented by Marta Bossi),
  • The MigrEmpower Itinerary (Handbooks and Guidelines, tools, Pilot activities results, illustrated by Mr Daniel Rentfle, Mrs Téclaire Ngo-Tam, Mrs Sonia Degroote),
  • The dissemination and exploitation activities, presented by Mrs Eliza Theofanous and Ana Pozuelo Arrego.

The President of the Municipality of Rome II, Francesca Del Bello greeted the participants and recalled the Municipality’s commitment in celebrating the “week of refugee”. The participation of the illustrator Mauro Biani was significant as through his cartoons, he addressed the issues of migration and human rights. In addition, the pilot activities that took place in Italy were presented by Gabriella Fabrizi, Angela Boccardi, Maria Biani and Fabio Tamburini. They also introduced the significant and helpful cooperation with the “Gustamundo” Restaurant and the Cooperative “Il cuore di Cristiano”, two experiences of social and labour integration of migrants. The owner, Mr Pasquale Compagnone, was presented first and the second one was presented by Grazia De Feo (Psychologist).

The debate continued in the afternoon through the final exploitation meeting. It has been articulated as a Round Table, coordinated by Gabriella Fabrizi. During the Round Table discussion, the Policy Recommendations presented by Marta Bossi were deepened and analysed. Guidelines and Tools of the Intellectual Outputs and their transferability were also discussed. The participants agreed on the importance of intervening in the misperception and expanding the networks by building strategic alliances with all the different realities of the territories, in order to promote a climate of integration.